People and Strategy

MAX aims for Customers’ Satisfaction Through Unrestrained Creativities Based on Strict Job Scene Oriented Principle and Customer Creed.

MAX‘s Human Red: The MAX corporate color is a rich and vibrant orange.

This bright and warm color represents our employee’s working spirit,full of passion and vitality

Max, based on detailed analyses of customers' requirements, has been introducing products and services which meet their needs, gaining their supports. Each product, being a tool tailored to the specific application, deserves exclusively professional use and is unique in shape and specifications. Many of our products are proud of being the world's first of their kinds. Our products are featured by being long seller items and enjoying large market shares, which are always provided with highly supportive expendables and aftersale services backed by the Company's high technique. These help deepen our relations with customers, contributing to future product development and expansion of new applications. The close relation with customers is Max's inherent character. We believe that independent and unrestrained creativities based on the strict job scene oriented principle and the customer creed which are consistently implemented on team will grow our business and us. This is the core of the Max strategies.

“Combining our Strengths vibrantly and enjoyably" Starts with Strict Job Scene Oriented Principle.

"Do, See, Think, Plan" expresses Max's way of doing business. We try first, not dreading possible failure. We make efforts to obtain "fact" of each job scene as our objective data, which are acknowledged/shared among our team members with the objective to define the direction of work for the team and to take future actions. In the circumstances, "fact" drawn from the strict job scene oriented principle alone can serve as the common value.

Strict Customer Creed Brings About "Myriad Creativities".

Creating Japan's First & No.1 Share Products.

In 1952, Max put Japan's first No.10 type stapler on the market. Ever since,Max have manufactured/sold more than 400 million staplers for a half century. As a result of our pursuit of paper binding function, we released the world's first flat clinch type staplers. Together with Max staples in a little green box, Max staplers, as one of essential office supplies, have been enjoying the top share.

High-Accuracy, High-Quality,High Cost-Performance Products.

AUTO STAPLER, which is mounted on a copier for stapling, is one of the most typical Max inventions. It has realized high accuracy and high quality durable for continuous and high-speed usage. By being the first to respond to the customers' needs, the product is now mounted on most copying machines all over the world, earning customers' trust. Max also introduced, for the first time in the world, the micro Auto Stapler which is mountable on a printer. We continue our pursuit of new possibilities.

Unique Products Responding to Customers' Needs with Technical Innovation.

Nailers have to be complete with rapid shot, durability, downsizing, weight saving, and shape suitable for application in order to respond to professional needs. Max, as the No.1 manufacturer of domestic nailers, developed the high-pressure nailers (useable with 23 kgf/cm2) for the first time in the world. By realizing substantial downsizing/weight saving while assuring high performance that cannot be realized with the nailers for use at normal pressure (10 kgf/cm2 or below), we have gained admiration and high support from customers.

The Best Linkage Between Tool and Expendables.

User-friendliness of Max products lies in high relevancy between its tool and expendables. The tool is designed in consideration of nature of its expendables. Expendables are developed in response to the tool specification. Tool and expendables are both wheels to support customers' satisfaction. Understanding needs for tool and expendables from user applications is the core of Max's creativities which focus on job scenes and are customer-oriented.