MAX believes that by respecting its people, the development of its people will result in growth for the company.

2014 Acquired all the stocks of Lighthouse (UK) Holdco. Ltd., a European distributor of “Bepop”, a desktop sign making machine.
2013 Completed construction and started operations of Hemaraj Eastern Seaboard Factory to produce office equipment in Thailand.
2010 Established MAX ASIA PTE.LTD as sales company
2006 Established MAX EUROPE B.V. in the Netherlands as sales company.
2005 Established MAX (THAILAND) CO. ,LTD. to produce Max nailers in Thailand.
2004 Acquisition of ISMS (Information Security Management System) certification.
2003 Delisted on the Nagoya Stock Exchange.
Merged the two companies ,JOBAN MAX CO., LTD. and BOCHO MAX CO., LTD. and changed name to MAX FASTENING SYSTEMS CO., LTD.
Established MAX ELECTRONICS MACHINE CO.,(SZ)LTD. to produce electronic office equipment in China.
2002 Integrated manufacturing function of Takasaki Factory into Tamamura and Fujioka. Became Takasaki Office which focuses on development.
2001 Certified with ISO 14001-Fujioka Factory.
Merged the two SHINWA HI-TEC group companies and changed name to MAXSHINWA Co., Ltd.
2000 Certified with ISO 14001-Takasaki Factory.
Acquired two companies of the SHINWA HI-TEC group, that make dryer・heater・ventilators for bathrooms,and entered into the housing environmental equipment business.
1999 Certified with ISO 14001-Tamamura Factory.
1998 Certified with ISO 9001-Takasaki, Fujioka, and Tamamura Factories.
1997 Completed redevelopment work and started full-scale operation of the Fujioka Factory.
1993 Ended the capital/ technical/ sales tie-up with Stanley Works Co., Ltd. (who acquired Bostitch Division from Textron Inc. in 1986). Established MAX USA CORP. as a sales company.
Launched into the original overseas strategies.
1991 Completed construction and started operations of a plant exclusively for manufacturing of Max nailers on the premises of Tamamura Factory.
1990 Opened the R&D Center on the premises of Takasaki Factory.
Established Max Fasteners SDN.BHD. in Malaysia.
1988 Completed construction and started operations at Tamamura Factory as the core plant for Company's drafting machines.
1981 Transferred head office to Nihonbashi Hakozaki-cho, Chuo-ku, Tokyo.
1975 Appointed to First Sections of the Tokyo, Osaka and Nagoya Stock Exchanges.
1970 Listed on the Second Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange.
1964 Joined Max Industry Co., Ltd. together with Max Sales Co., Ltd. and changed name to Max CO., LTD. to lay the foundation for a unified company system covering manufacturing to sales.
1963 Form a capital/technical/ sales tie-up with Bostitch of U.S. (In 1965, became affiliated with Textron Inc.)
1955 Changed name of Yamada Kogyo Co., Ltd. to Max Industry Co., Ltd
1949 Established the Smart Sales Co.,Ltd.as a sales company to set up a solid sales organization.
(In 1954, changed name to Max Sales Co., Ltd.)
1945 Changed name to Yamada Kogyo Co., Ltd. and started manufacturing business equipment, building the foundation of today's MAX CO., LTD.
1942 Started out under the name of Yamada Air Industry Co., Ltd.