Max’s Trusted Products Highly Competitive in Global Market Are Manufactured from World’s To-of-the-Line Facilities and Manufacturing System

Tamamura Factory

"Flexible Manufacturing Plant"  Responding Timely to Changes in Demands.

Tamamura Factory is a nailer-manufacturing plants serving as a major manufacturing plant for tools, which has consolidated the whole range of processes from machining to assembling of nailers. It has realized production in various kinds and amounts to address diversified market needs, enabling manufacturing of about 200 different kinds of nailers,gas nailers, concrete reinforcing bar tying machines. Toward improvement of SCM, the factory is even more promoting its automation efforts including NC automated facilities, etc. based on original engineering as well as the flexible production of high-quality/efficiency through cell production method. It also serves as a mechatronics plant to manufactureair compressor, rechargeable power tool, office equipments like Bepop, LETATWIN, time recorder, and etc. Further, it also manufacture AUTO STAPLER. This is the Max's major factory.

Fujioka Factory

World's Top-Notch  "Plant Exclusively for Expendable Manufacturing".

Fujioka Factory is a world's top-of-the-line "plant exclusively for expendables manufacturing". The current roles include not only manufacturing of various staples for office supplies, machinery tools, etc. but also development of new expendables such as high-accuracy staples for AUTO STAPLER, thus promoting manufacturing technical innovation and development of new expendables. Further, the plant is equipped with a continual production system which consists of originally developed equipment, covering total process from raw materials to final products. As being a high-quality unmanned manufacturing plant, it has realized a new form of factory automation as process plants through multi-line continuous process control.

Yoishii Factory

Integration of home environment equipment manufacturing and distribution functions to establish a production system geared towards future increases in manufacturing.

The Yoshii Factory manufactures bathroom heating/ventilating/drying units, which occupy an approximately 50% market share, and heat exchange type 24-hour ventilation systems and disposer systems that are expected to increase in popularity in the future. A dedicated packing line for housing environment equipment that packs assortments of equipment to match each residence has been installed, and "picking and small-lot packing work" has been made more efficient. Total productivity improvement in distribution work has also been realized.

ISO9001 and ISO14001

Both Tamamura, Fujioka, and Yoshii, Takasaki Factories Have acquired ISO9001 and ISO14001 International Standards.