Message from President

MAX believes that by respecting its people, the development of its people will result in growth for the company.

Max Basic Management Policy

We aim to enhance customers' support and become a group in which everyone grows together by combining our strengths vibrantly and enjoyably.

1.We will strive to ensure that the management is open.

We will emphasize consolidated financials prepared based on generally accepted, fair and proper accounting standards, and disclose internally as well as externally our corporate policies, performance and actual situation in a timely and appropriate manner

2.We will strive to ensure that all employees may participate in the management.

Our employees will participate actively in management through their work activities and will strive to contribute to our business results by performing their respective roles.

3.We will strive to realize a management in which profit is divided among employees and stockholders.

We will divide profit generated by the Company fairly among stockholders, employees and society.

Max is concentrating on creating new kinds of value in its employees' work in order to develop outstandingly useful products for supply to its customers.

Max deems it most essential for its continuous growth that all its employees take the Company's fundamental management stance as a base for their actions. Moreover, employees are thoroughly customer-driven, anticipate future developments, and continue to take proactive and creative action of their own volition with the objective of changing and expanding the scope of the Company's business and operational domains.

From these beliefs, employees can develop and the company will grow, creating profit. The profits created are then divided among employees and stockholders in an open and fair manner in order for the company to realize its social role.