Our Business

Max has always promptly identified up-to-date needs, and in its founding period from 1942 and 1950s, Max produced Japan's first small-sized stapler, hand tacker , and drafting machine. These early products gained the confidence of many customers, and Max became clearly involved in the fields of products for 'fastening', 'binding' and 'drawing'. In the 1960s and 70s, through the development of pneumatic technology, Max nailers became air-powered, and the market for these products extended to cover furniture, packaging and construction. Nailer consumables changed from staples to nails, and the materials for which the nailers were used also expanded from wood to steel plate and concrete. The use of nails meant that nailers came to be used in all markets, and Max became Japan's top manufacturer of nailers in both name and reality. Throughout the 1980s and 1990s, electronics technologies were introduced and Max created new markets through the introduction of electronics into the office equipment such as check writers, time recorders, and staplers. In addition, Max introduced the new concept products for the next generation by uniting the accumulated technology, for example, high-pressure operated pneumatic nailing system (SUPER NAILER), re-chargeable battery operated re-bar tying tools (RE-BAR TYER), built-in electronic staplers for copier machines (AUTO STATPLER) and lettering machines (Bepop). As the 21st Century has begun, the concrete tool business and the housing environmental equipments are newly added into MAX lines of business. In addition, develops Rechargeable tool series that customer's voice is reflected. Max will keep continuing to insist on “Making Products that fully satisfy People who use them” in the future too.

Global Activities Suitable to Specific District/ Culture/ Application.MAX is a Brand with International Trust.

Max products for industrial use such as nailers and concrete reinforcing bar tying machines, for office use such as staplers, time recorders, and Bepop, and for other fields are playing big roles all over the world in various manners suitable to each district, culture, and application. "Max" is the internationally trusted brand.

Max Starts with Listening to Our Customers.

We perform new product searching and market testing also outside Japan. Max is essential in our product-making process to visit overseas work scenes, talking directly to users, and to reflect the results in product-making. The same applies to exhibitions held in various parts of the world. Mutual trust is born through our practice which focuses on listening to customers and acknowledging facts.

Max products are used all over the world, in North America, Europe, Asia, Middle East, Australia, South America, ... High quality is the secret of Max brand's popularity. With the nailers by a nickname of "Red Cap" and the staplers by its human red Max trademark, Max brand has been given extra high trust by its customers.

Concrete reinforcing bar tying machines, expanding and prevailing.

RE-BAR TYER" is rapidly replacing the conventional manual procedures in building sites/concrete factories in the U.S. and Europe.

Most Acclaimed as "World's Best Tool"

"Red Cap is a proof of confidence" ..... Max's nailers have been acclaimed as one of the "world's best tools" by a U.S. housing tool magazine.

Industrial & Construction Products

Air Compressor

"PowerLite Air Compressor" serving bothnormal-and high-pressure nailers.

High-Pressure Nailer

The world's first high-pressure nail driver "HN90" originally developed by MAX. It has been widely accepted throughout Japan and is now catching on in the U.S. and Europe.

Gas Nailer & High-Pressure Nailer

"Gas Nailer" and High-Pressure Nailer "HN25C" that play an active part in the concrete placing fields throughout the world.

SuperFramer SN883

"SuperFramer SN883" Compact and Ultra lightweight.

Office Products


"STAPLERS" for home and office, quality stationary products.

Tube Label Maker

"LETATWIN" capable of printing on an electric wire tube.

Label Maker

"Bepop" capable of speedy preparation of displays through cutting & printing.

Time Recorder

"TIME RECORDER" is the most reliable solution for your time management.