Research & Development

Through Combining Accumulated Original Technologies and Customer’s Request, We keep Making new Products to Lead Next Generation.

The starting point of the Max new products development lies in “customers‘ requests and fields”. Max’s development staffs always visit customers' fields and draw out the answers to meet the needs and wants from talking customers and observing carefully their working processes.

Max products with high ingenuity and originality are brought about from accumulation of such experiences. Max's technical feature shows a creation of the unique products of our own which achieve customers' needs by a fusion of the original mechanism technology and the electronic control technology. Expansion and development of our original technologies have been even more accelerated through use of 3-D CAD and computer supported control/ measurement/ analyses. We will continue to introduce numbers of world's first commodities with high originality.

Seeds of New Products Lie in "Customers' Requests"

Our product planning and steps toward practical use always start with listening to customers and observing/analyzing actual work fields. These are the most important activities to practice Max's job scene oriented principle.

Expansion & Development of Original Technologies Are the Core of Creative Product Development.

Max has been introducing a number of world's first and Japan's first products. With "engineers' enthusiasm" which tries to respond to customers' needs with technical innovation, Max has accelerated expansion & development of original technology and will continue to introduce world's first commodities.

Extensive R&D Tools to Support Technical Innovation.

Wide range of testing/research capabilities with 3-D CAD, anechoic rooms, environmental test labs, high speed camera, etc. Further, R&D/ feasibility studies are supported by RP, PDM, CAM, etc. based on CAD data.