Rebar Tier

“MAX REBAR TIER” makes consistent and reliable performance MAX REBAR TIER is the WORLD FIRST battery operated rebar tying tool replacing a conventional hand tying job. One of the major advantages of the MAX REBAR TIER is an improvement of productivity. All you need to do is to pull trigger of the REBAR TIER, then you can tie the rebars perfectly in less than a second. You can save time, cost and also increase the productivity. Also REBAR TIER can reduce the risk of health problems such as Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and Back problem. It’s light weight, ergonomic design leaves one had free to position the rebar, saving even more time. The MAX REBAR TIER is getting a high evaluation in a variety of application of concrete precast plants such as floor panels, building beams, columns and cage.

Product Line up

  • RB611T(CE)

  • RB441T(CE)

  • RB518(CE)

  • RB218(CE)

  • RB398(CE)

  • RB398S(CE)

  • RB655(CE)

  • PJRC160


20th Anniversary since 1995

MAX developed the world first battery operated rebar tying tool “MAX REBAR TIER RB260” for Japanese market in 1993. The international subsidiaries stated selling RB262 in Europe, the United States and Asia in 1995. MAX has improved the quality and functions by uniting our accumulated technology and field practices since then. In 2009, MAX introduced totally brand new 4th generation REBAR TIER RB397 with a new 3Ah Lithium ion battery and a high durable DC brushless twisting motor. Also R&D department has had a highly strict standard of the durability so that RB397 can continuously work under the severe working environment. In 2015, MAX will introduce a new 4Ah lithium ion battery to increase job productivity. MAX REBAR TIER series have been still revolutionizing rebar tying works all around the world.

1993RB260, launches the World's first battery operated rebar tying tool in Japan
1995RB262, launches into Europe
1998RB392, ties up to 13mm x 13mmx 3mm
2004RB395, improves durability
2006RB655, mounts DC brushless twisting motor
2009RB397, mounts a new 3.0Ah Lithium ion battery up to 2,000ties per charge.
201520th Anniversary of REBAR TIER RB398, mounts a new 4.0 Ah Lithium ion battery


Flat work in Precast plant


Building Foundation

Building Deck

Bridge & Road

Floor Heating Pipe