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S Company is a respected automation solutions provider in Mexico. They have extensive experience in developing tailored machines for manufacturing new products, and work with the client from the product design stage to ensure that machines meet all specifications. Their acclaimed quality control process includes design validations using process and machine design FMEA, as well as the final validation before shipment. They make equipment in Mexico, but export internationally.

The wide range of print media available for LETATWIN helped improve service to our clients.

We have been using the Max LETATWIN for years now, and enjoy the versatility of the range of consumables we use. Since we work closely with clients throughout the design and build process, we often have to accommodate requests about wire marking content and methods.

The wide range of materials that can be used with LETATWIN, makes it easier for us to provide more responsive service to our clients. Requests related to wire marking include using Heat Shrink tubing, PVC tubing, wrap around labels, and ID plates. All of these can be printed on LETATWIN, so we can change to meet requests in real time.

Data management and speed have been important for our success. LETATWIN PC Editor has been indispensable.

We provide customized automation solutions across industries. Our range of solutions includes Robot Integration, Control Systems, Machine Vision Systems, Assembly Systems, Testers, Harness Testers, Packaging, and Feeding Solutions.

At our flagship automation systems production site in Mexico, we have multiple projects for different customers being built on the same factory floor simultaneously. The LETATWIN PC EDITOR application software has allowed us to keep all our tagging information organized on the computer. It is a powerful application that has made our work easier. The LM-550A's fast printing speed and LETATWIN software combine forces in a way that delivers a fast and convenient solution, that helps us finish work earlier. Time for cervezas anyone?

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Max Japan is a trusted name among wire marking printer manufactureres. Based on end-user feedback, we continuously develop our products to meet real-world demands. Our close working relationships with our customers allow us to stay ahead of industry trends in growing markets.

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