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Whether it is for rail projects, industrial plants or factories, panel building in India happens on a large scale. One of our customers is a large organization engaged in the manufacturing and supply of Electrical Control Panels required for HVAC, Engineering, Power Distribution and Process Industries.

We provide high quality control panels to customers with prompt after service and sales.

PC connectivity has huge time saving implications. The versatility of input methods for the Max LETATWIN is incredibly useful for our site. We are able to copy data from the diagram into excel and move this to LETATWIN PC EDITOR.

It made data entry much easier, and because LETATWIN is portable and versatile, we have several machines. Some we use with the PC, and some we use as stand-alone printers.
This flexibility has really been key for us because we provide many different panel building solutions for a variety of purposes. (such as: distribution boards, APFCR panels, AHU control panels, intelligent motor control centers, stand-by AHU panels, out door panels, draw out panels, and solar panels.) Some of our units are used outside, and we want the tags to be of a certain quality and durability, and the Max thermal transfer technology provides this.

The high speed of the LM-550A has been a game changer.

We print 10 hours a day, and due to the amount that we print, the printing speed has been an important deciding factor. Not only do want to have multiple machines, but we want to have the fastest machines. The Max Letatwin provides fast data entry and fast printing, this has helped us greatly improve our cost efficiency. AND Letatwin is portable, so it is possible to take it anywhere around the facility!

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Max Japan is a trusted name among wire marking printer manufactureres. Based on end-user feedback, we continuously develop our products to meet real-world demands. Our close working relationships with our customers allow us to stay ahead of industry trends in growing markets.

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